Q&A about LOTX

Q: What is LOTX?

A: The full expression of LOTX means $LOTX token. It is lotterybox.com’s token, simply called LOTX.

Q: What does LOTX do?

A: LOTX can be used for the production of lottery posters. When a user needs to make a lottery poster online, he first needs to register as a member of Lottery Box for free. When the poster is generated, the system will deduct part of the user’s LOTX.

LOTX can also be used to place lottery bets at the Lottery Box. According to different rules and odds, users will win the corresponding LOTX.

Q: How to get LOTX?

A: LOTX can be obtained by active and mutual communication on lotteryboax.com. It can also be won by betting. You can see how you can get LOTX every day in the LOTX group section of the Lottery Box.

Q: Can LOTX be purchased with money?

A: Not yet. At present, we do not support the transaction and transfer of LOTX among individual users. LOTX will be released on the Binance blockchain soon. connected currency exchanges. It can be exchanged for other virtual currencies, such as: “BTC”, “usdt”, etc. In some countries and regions, you can directly use the local currency to buy and sell. For example, the United States, some European countries, the United Arab Emirates and other countries all support virtual currency transactions. All transactions on the blockchain are transparent, Lotterybox’s asset management will also be entrusted to the foundation for unified management, and all the finances will be financed by the foundation formula. Every transaction and change of the user will also be formulated in the blockchain in a decentralized manner.