Six Indians Win Lucky Draw Worth Over $2,72,000 In UAE

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Dubai: Six Indians in the UAE have jointly won a lucky draw worth one million Dirhams.
All the six participants, five of them from Kerala, matched five out of six numbers to split the 1,000,000 Dhirham (approximately $2,72,000) second prize.

“A few of my colleagues play so I decided to give it a try as well,” said 69-year-old UAE resident Robert, who was participating in the draw for the first time.

“I was under quarantine so I found out I won when my colleague called. It was a great moment for me,” he said.
Originally from Kerala, Robert has spent over 40 years in the UAE.

He is married and has two daughters, one in Abu Dhabi and one in the US.

Asked about his winnings, Robert said: “My daughter is getting married soon so I will gift her the money. For me the money is good, but for her it will be great”.

Another winner Muhamed, 35, who is also from Kerala, has spent 12 years in the Middle East working in the insurance industry.

A father of three, Muhamed said: “I received an email from Mahzooz and saw that I had won. I was very happy and quite surprised. These winnings will go a long way for me as I can now pay off some debts and invest into my children’s future”.

Ibrahim Abdul, 34, an IT professional who lives in Umm al Quwain with his family, said: “This win will be life-changing for me over the next few months.

“When I saw that I won, I knew that this wonderful prize will go a long way towards covering day-to-day expenses for my family”.